We talk about the charm of maison canvas and the commitment of the brand.


I think that there are a lot of colorful bags in the street, but our brand is different because the material and the way of making are also real.
For example, domestic tote uses a fine canvas made in Fukui Prefecture and bonding cotton fabric on the back side.

As a result, it became a firm bag even if it was soft. Usually, casual canvas bags are easily finished with a sewing machine, but we have asked the factory to make formal handbags, and we spend more time and effort making them than we used to make them.
I usually don't make canvas bags like this, and I want to tell customers that good things take a lot of time and effort.
German ye, on the other hand, has been working with factories since the 1890s.

It is a factory which originally made harness. It is attractive how to make it with the taste to make it easily by sewing it with the sewing machine and beating it. Even if it may seem easy, I think that the charm of the work which has been done for many years resides in the bag.
The quality is rough, but it has a unique taste that cannot be served in Japan. And the fabric uses the dead stock of this factory. Since I started making this bag, I've come to think about using the leftovers carefully, but it's been about a year since I started, but I'm planning ideas for limited items and other ideas that i can enjoy in addition to embroidery. I'm glad you check the site once in a while.

I usually use a maison canvas bag. It is used when going to business to the customer and commuting.
I use it well almost every day in every scene of my life. Where is it when you are using it in private? I'm so happy to hear that.
The best thing i feel about using is to be independent. I feel that I make it by thinking about ease of use.
I wear plain and monotone clothes, and bags tend to choose basic colors.
However, i sometimes change my mind and carry a bright yellow or red bag.
There is an implicit rule in me that when you want to gain momentum, you have a bag of color.
The maison canvas is based on having everyone enjoy various scenes through bags.