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It's been a fun season to spend time outside.
I think there are many people who work weekdays and spend their time outdoors on holidays.
I think that it is a thing that spends irreplaceable time with an important person, spends a rich time facing nature alone, and is spending the desire of everyone.
Since I bought a tent last year, I have been spending more time camping with my family. Tanabata, summer vacation, and Silver Week are scheduled for camping. Fun! )
This time, i hope it will be helpful to people who are used to camping or who are thinking of trying it, so we will deliver a special feature on the bonfire.
In e-commerce for outdoor goods, we have prepared wonderful content with the cooperation of Naturum- Naturam, the no.1 in Japan.

The best part of the camp is the bonfire.
Surrounding a fire can make you feel relaxed, intimacy, and bonfires have the charm to make you forget about everyday life.
Therefore, the main theme of this time is "Bonfire".
Naturum-san became the first person to handle maison CANVVAS products because it was just right to put a bonfire set in it.
Then, how do you use it by putting the bonfire set?
In addition, which outdoor brand bonfire set is the best match.
I interviewed Mr. M, a veteran camper, while actually making a fire.
- Where is the outdoor brand set that is stored in the pocket tote / L?

Uniframe's Fire Grill.

- What kind of usage do you use specifically?

Fire-making equipment, tongs, fire- and bonfire-related gears, including fire grilles, fire-burning agents, gloves, etc. are all packed.
- Is there a good point to use a pocket tote / L?

After all, it is this feeling of the cloth!!! No problem even if I use it hard! Rather, it is a feeling that said "tote bag to grow" because it does not become familiar if i do not use it again and again again!!

- Please tell me if there is any use other than putting a bonfire set in the pocket tote / L.

If it is used at the time of camping, i put together the gear and clothes to use in the tent, such as shrapnel and change of clothes and stuff it!!
Because there is capacity more than I think, I can put it in pounding!
Great success as a town use
Because the form is beautiful, the pocket tote is not too casual, and is not too hard, and is "Just Good Design"! It is also very active when shopping and a little outing!

What are the three points to enjoy a bonfire? If possible, even beginners can understand it.

- Look at the flame without thinking ... It will be just the best luxury moment

Ignite without ignition agent... It is easy if i put it with the ignition agent, but it dares to challenge the fire making without the ignition agent! It returns to the child's mind and it enjoys it.

Enjoy able conversations with friends and talk with important people that you can't always do... When i talk with my friends around the bonfire, i get excited by silly stories and hot stories!
I think that the bonfire has the power to give the atmosphere and courage to tell the "feeling" that it is usually embarrassed with an important partner and cannot be told!

- What should I be aware of when making a bonfire?

I do not want to get dirty and my favorite clothes are to avoid clothes that are embarrassed if there is a hole!
Oh, my God. The bonfire is really the best, but when you notice a fire powder, there is a hole in your clothes. It's not a lot!
If you really want to enjoy the bonfire, I recommend wearing clothes and blankets that you don't mind even if the sparks fly a little!
By the way, I see the camp goods that have been used fairly. I imagine the camp road where buyer M does not become it.

- Do you remember the first time you camped?

When I was little, My father used to go camping because he was a hobby of surfing!!
I bought a set of camping gear myself and went camping for the first time when I was 22 years old!!

- Please let us know if you have any surprise episodes or failures at that time.

I remember the failure story clearly ww
She went to first camp with his wife now! After enjoying the surf in the morning, check in to the campsite in the afternoon! However, when we arrived, it was already a heavy rain.
There was not enough equipment, and because the hand was bad, it was just all bishobi
In addition, it rained, and it rained heavily. The camp was not able to be done on the day when it cried, it withdrew, and it returned .

- Excuse me for the rude question. Don't you get tired of going camping many times?

I never get tired of it!!!
It's completely different depending on when you go to the same campsite, and every time you go there, there's a new discovery, and every time you're excited♪ i like the bonfire unbearably, so I want to go camping asexually through autumn and winter.

- Are there any standards for arranging camping goods? Or let us know if you are looking for camping goods.

The first is compactness! There is also a desire to overturn the concept of camping = large luggage!!
Couples of course family (~4 people) can enjoy the camp without inconvenience depending on the device even in a compact car of course! ! I'm going camping in a light car! )
Because I think that everything is "gear" and "storage", i am particular about the storing method and the storing case.

The second one is that I personally always recommend it, but I'm making it a point that "use a good thing with a long attachment" !!
Good things = not necessarily expensive! There are a lot of wonderful gears that Cospa is expensive!!
Depending on the ingenuity, it is possible to use the thing used in the house and miscellaneous goods items at all!
Now i want you to get the perfect gear that suits you by worrying about various things because it is an environment where you can study by looking at various outdoor styles and gears on the net and SNS!!
What are the three points to enjoy camping?

Enjoy the road! ... Just head to the campsite, so let's enjoy the scenic spots and local gourmet saline on the way back to and from the campsite.

Enjoy full-fledged outdoor cooking "This looks delicious!! I'll try the dishes I thought It's fun and it's done in no time! The location is also very tasty to help★

Enjoy the night and morning ... At night, no matter what you say, "bonfire" is everyone's way! The two of us surround ed the mood in Moody and had a luxurious time. Just getting up a little early in the morning and watching the sunrise, or listening to the chirping of birds in the morning haze makes you feel very rich. (I feel like I'm alone in nature.)

- I'd like to have warm words from people who are thinking of starting camp.

You won't be able to camp the perfect camp you've ever imagined! (There is no doubt from the experience story lol)
If you want to try it, try to find a campsite nearby! Recently, there are a lot of camping sites with a lot of glamping (permanent campsites) and rental items!! First of all, I think it's important to try camping!!
Then, I think that there are a lot of people who surely get a jerk lol.
It's not too late to buy camping equipment!!
Natural scenery, aroma, bird song, bonfire, delicious food, sake, coffee, everyone's smile etc.
I think that it is the real pleasure of the camp to be able to enjoy "a little luxurious time" which cannot be enjoyed in daily life. Please start camping in search of such "a little extravagant time"!
Buyer M, thank you for your appearance and interview. Were you familiar with camping or the first time? I am still an amateur camper, i'm pretty longing for buyer M's attitude to the camp (laughs)
I think that people who live in the present age value the enhancement of the lifestyle. I think that we value time, space, and connection in pursuit of a special way of spending time. I would be happy if the MAISON CANVVAS bag snuggled up to you in your daily and extraordinary way.
I hope you can have a wonderful day.

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