• 2019.7.16

    【POP UP Announcement】
    MAISON CANVVAS "Travel Pouch" will open in urban research online store pop-up shop for a limited time.
    Click here for the shop page. >>URBAN RESEARCH online store / POP UP SHOP

  • 2019.6.8

    【POP UP Announcement】
    A pop-up event will be held at JR Nagoya Takashimaya 3F Handbags from June 5 (Wed) to June 18 (Tue). For three days from 7th (Fri) to 9 (Sun), you can deliver the embroidery sewing machine at the store. Other wise, you will be given to me at a later date. If you are near by, please take this opportunity to stop by. >>>JR Nagoya Takashimaya 3F Handbag

  • 2019.5.30

    【POP UP Announcement】
    Until May 29th (Wed.) to June 3 (Mon.), we are opening a store in [Iwataya Classic Collection]. We have a canvas bag that is convenient for everyday use, mainly on the travel pouch which is convenient for travel and outdoor activities. Travel pouch has appeared 10 new colors, it will be a classic collection leading item.
    If you are near by, please take this opportunity to stop by.
    Venue: Iwataya Honten Main Building 7F (Grand Event Hall)
    >>>>Click here for more information

  • 2019.1.23

    【POP UP Announcement】
    From March 6 (Wed) to 19 (Tue), a pop-up event will be held on the first floor of Ginza Mitsukoshi.
    In addition to canvas bags made in Japan, we also exhibit pocket totes made in Germany.
    On the 9th (Sat) and 10th (Sun), we hold an embroidery event to give you on the day.
    (Other wise days will be delivered at a later date.)
    We also have a font lion pattern for Ginza Mitsukoshi only, so please take this opportunity to stop by.
    >>>>Click here for more information

  • 2019.1.23

    【POP UP Announcement】
    From January 23 (Wed) to 29 (Tue), a pop-up event will be held at Isetan Shinjuku Store 1st Floor Handbags.
    We exhibit canvas tote XS~M size made in Japan, pocket tote S made in Germany, M size.
    I will give it to you at a later date, but please stop by this chance because there is an embroidery event.
    Isetan Shinjuku Store 1F Handbag

  • 2018.12.25

    【New Year's Holiday】
    We are very free to respond to your questions at this online shop and send them to you.
    We will take a day off for the following periods.

    December 29, Heisei 30 , Saturday , January 6, Heisei 31

    For orders until 15 o'clock on December 27, we will ship them by the end of this year. All of the following will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from January 7, Heisei 31, which is usually open.
    Thank you.

  • 2018.12.17

    [Media Announcement] McAke Project is published in this media.

  • 2018.11.30

    In the web magazine "HACKTSU" to discover the future, we have posted a review of the use of the travel pouch currently published on the crowdfunding site McAke. Click here for more information.

  • 2018.8.8

    [Summer Holidays] From August 11 to 16, 2018
    All shipments of orders to inquiries during the holidays will be available on a first-come, first-served basis from August 17.
    All orders after 15 on August 9 will be available on 17 th. Please understand it together.

  • 2018.7.3

    [POP UP] Pop-up shop of "MAISON CANVVAS" will be held at the bag gallery on the first floor of Hankyu Umeda Head Office.
    It is a lineup to match the travel. The period is from 7/4 to 7/17.

  • 2018.4.26

    [POP UP Notice] 5/2 (Wed) - 5/8 (Tue) Mitsukoshi Ginza Store 1St Floor Handbag M1001-1003 In addition to the Japanese tote bag 3 type, we will exhibit a new color and a new shoulder bag.
    This time, as a GW event, we will do the initial embroidery service. (Embroidery price FREE )
    You can take it home on the day of your order for three days from 5/3 (Thu) to 5 (Sat). For more information, please click here ↓

  • 2018.3.9

    [POP UP] note et silence. The daily bag which stuck to the canvas material which colors a new life from spring is prepared.
    The period is from 3/10 (Sat) to 3/21 (Wed).

  • 2018.2.2

    [POP UP Announcements] MAISON CANVVAS pop-up shop is open in SLOBE IENA Shibuya.
    Bespoke items are also lined up in the shop, and we also hold order meetings where you can embroider your initials on your bag until around 15th of this month. >>>> Image is here

  • 2017.10.6

    FUDGE sponsored by HOLIDAY CIRCUS, October 14-15 Event Information has been updated. >>>> Click here for more information


    For two days from October 14-15, there is an outdoor event called HOLIDAY CIRCUS hosted by FUDGE on shinagawa season terrace.
    MAISON CANVVAS has also decided to participate in this event.
    Embroidery events that can be delivered on the day, and items limited to the event will be sold.
    For more information, see this month's FUDGE 10 issue P204.

  • 2017.8.2

    [POP UP] 8/9 (Wed) - 8/15 (Tue) Mitsukoshi Ginza Store Handbag Section 1F
    M1001-1003 Japanese tote bag 3 type will be exhibited. From 8/11 (Fri) to 13 (Sun), embroidery services are also available for you to take home on the day of your order.

  • 2017.8.2

    The homepage was renewed.