Sunday morning

Users sticking with MAISON CANVVAS us travellers will tell us your feelings and thoughts.

We introduce users who is Mr. Shoichi. Now, his wife and 3-year-old daughter in three families that, we let the talk papayuiser eye.

-Your bag: what to do?

Go shopping or picnic with my family on Sunday, so often use at that time.

-Is TOTE/L why?

I wanted big bags anyway.
I'm hanging out with the kids, and even what you need there then, or shopping in gradually more luggage.
I was using large backpack in the old days, but from my daughter "Alle post-" of such requests have often struggled to unload luggage.
Large Maison canvas tote bag is out and so large is feeling very good.

--Is why CAMEL color?

I thought always good many dark-colored clothes brighter colors are easy-to-fit.
Classic tote bag is natural, but more towards a sense of quality, CAMEL.

--What are you like in I'm your?

Even without luggage pin was and is good standing.
And independent look sloppy I put Dolan's tote bag and I'm not so good at.
Stain-resistant when used in the great outdoors on the ground, so it's also very comfortable.

-Case embroidered with the SRM is the meaning?

Put the initial family name as Shoichi, Rino, Maiko. It was very simple.
Undo embroidery if you had another one and I'll have more 1 time cycle (laughs)

--Finally Maison canvas you want come forward to make such requests is there?

I would like riding a bicycle without a cart on weekdays, so also or backpack type tote bags.

--Shoichi's precious note story asks, thank you very much.

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