Users:Nikyu Kanaoka

Users sticking with MAISON CANVVAS us travellers will tell us your feelings and thoughts.

We introduce users who is kanaoka, wanted her. Now the 41-year-old in medical care systems consulting business. In business Maisons canvas TOTE/M your means, so we ask businessmen looking at usability feedback.

-Job is that your have for fashion on-time commitment?

The first condition is looking to move easily. After "clean it" is of also is 外senai. Is the shoe wear off quite so kind of sneakers while you work. Try wearing something beautiful of course. After this suit was made of stretchy Jersey material it is hard to find. This Tote is very independent and large very care comes in.

-Where good shop will do?

Hankyu men's Hall.

-What is why natural?

Partial possession of Navy chose this color was key. In my "four color easy to" what is white, black, grey, Navy, said. 4 color up coordination center is that while the Navy he looks calm in the rough, so will a broad colour. This bag decided it liked the way Pocket Tote Gray was the No. 2 candidate, is hung from the shoulder type.

: Please tell me the origin of the embroidery was put "K29".

K (kanaoka) 29 (nipcuu) is the best gift I got from parents 'name' (lol)
I have the bag were printed with "K29" Besides this bag. Anyway if it sticks to this figure, shoe tags Tavern? "29" "to 9" look!
Take my original embroidery of this bag is very fine, very good.

--What put it into this bag, if you want?

Put water, charger, tablets, business cards, files of notebook PCs, sales tools, towels, winter vest, I bag two so, putting skin care items and etiquette systems and putting pocketbook or wallet is.
I'm type O bag has a beautiful. Easier to put anyway because it will own this back is easy to organize.
It has the much like the very important and close fastener type is not.

--Finally Maison canvas you want come forward to make such requests is there?

I think speaking requests, in the middle of this Tote or partition and organize the will.
After it is eye catching design.
I become like this back in bright yellow inside. The originality of this design really nice. Sales of weapons sales to customers to realize the design and exciting story.

-Kanaoka, seek her valuable addition to asks, thank you very much.

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