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Users sticking with MAISON CANVVAS us travellers will tell us your feelings and thoughts.

We introduce users who is in Takarazuka-Shi, Hyogo confectionery manufacturing and wholesale distribution, is the cototoko. A strikingly modern home located in a quiet residential area, and talk in the Studio have been.

-cototoko, is what I do?

Primarily manufactures jams and baked goods, are sold at wholesale. Stylist, I from to shoot for the display of "fascinated by the sweets are" of may receive another note.
Pastry-making year in about 10 years. To built a House last year, I was doing with the small heights formerly home and another in terms of children and convenience of the home made atelier.
Now 1-year-old and 4-year-old child, so pace while activities continue.

-Stuff-making, there is something stuck?

Try to use natural materials as much as possible. So Yu have kids so far comes to mind.
-Please tell me why we use POCKET TOTE / s chosen.
When choosing a bag to "pick out why short handle? "And pretty, I was told, but especially loves but shorter.
Hung from the shoulders after all, same as other practical bags so the bag with a special feeling of wanted and decided it.
I think kindergarten observation day can have because you feel independent and determined. Sense of size feel free to have enough fine space is also in a good mood.

-What is why grey??

Color gray decided by intuition. A cute yellow as the No. 2 candidate, and thought. I want color noticeable stains and have a child chose his favorite color for this bag.

: Please tell me the origin of the embroidered "C" was put.

It is a "c" in "cototoko". Children's names are nice. I think it is, your brand name.

-Shopping for fashion will be where?

If you have not decided, kickin' it like to buy.
Wearing the clothes there because my friend after making clothes. Many people around me has something handmade.

--Finally Maison canvas you want come forward to make such requests is there?

Even if children's good-and I think. Maison canvas and of what makes the children's make sense, I think. Walking the streets together, even if it sees from the adult better think a bag would be nice.

-cototoko's precious note story asks, thank you very much.

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