Snap, Oversize,

We interview users on the feedback and how they like about “MAISON CANVVAS”. Today’s user is Pedi (age:23) who works in a variety store and designs accessories by herself.

―Why did you choose TOTE/L?

It’s simple and I thought it matches any styles. I prefer POCKET TOTE to the other TOTE.
The reason why I chose L size is I like big size more than small.
I like oversize clothes besides bags.

―You wear oversize outfit today and you look really nice in it.

I like this line. It covers small build. Oversize becomes popular around me these days.

―Where do you usually buy your clothes?

I often buy in H&M.

―Why did you choose this color?

I thought white stitch on black base color is cute and chose it by intuition.
My hair and fashion are flashy and if I chose bright color bag, it would be too much.
That’s why I basically choose conservative colors for small goods.

―Which part of this bag is your favorite?

I like its large capacity. I usually carry bulky clothes. This bag can be put a lot of things in and it’s really nice.

―What do you carry today?

Notebook, datebook, book, scarf, hat, cosmetic pouch and so on. I don’t have my business files today, but I usually carry them.

―You put a beautiful accessory on your bag.

Yes, this is my handmade necklace. “PE” is the brand name. I don’t distribute to stores, but I make them when I’m asked to.

―Do you have a request that you want MAISON CANVVAS to make any particular bags?

I want POCKET TOTE L with longer handles. Long enough handle even for winter clothes would be nice.

― Thank you for sharing your valuable story, Ms.Pedi.

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